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so my myspace has actually become something so if u wanna, go check it out.
i can finally drive w/o a parental in the car! freedom... but i feel bad b/c the 3 times i drove, i was lying to my parents.
1) i gave kelsea a ride home the very first night i drove alone, and i didn't ask if i could (not that big of a deal)
2) kayla and i DIDN'T see Nanny McPhee. we went to Barrocco's, thrift store, dollar store and starbucks, and there was just general driving around aimlessly
3) SoM rehearsal was cancelled, but i didn't tell my parents that! so molly and i had about a three hour window to do whatever we wanted. we ended up going to starbucks. oh, and molly showed me the entire state of Illinois. lol
its not like i was breaking any laws, but if u know my parents, you know they wouldn't be too happy about all that stuff!
Sound of Music is going well! i was in the Dan Ryan woods in a nun costume on saturday. i'm pretty sure i got frostbite.
julie, kayla, brit, sam and i had an AWESOME super bowl party! and then we watched Grey's Anatomy (i think everyone was appauled at the 'to be continued...' redonkulus!)
i have a french pen pal! (more like a keyboard pal, b/c we e-mail not snail mail each other.)
i better go do my homework so i don't fail too many classes
i<3u maryq
i've decided airports are the best place to be told your part in a show. oodles of fun.
so leftover pasta bake isn't my favorite thing for dinner. yuck. today at rehearsal we learned lonely goatherd. lol, it was madness. that song has so many words, and i have to memorize them ALL. by thursday. yeesh... but marty made all the von trapp kids and maria (me) a bracelet with the name of our character on it. yay! (i doubt you'll ever see this, but) thanks, marty! and i finished all my homework while waiting for rehearsal to start, and whatever i didn't do i can just do in another class tomorrow. no cinderella tonight, but i have rehearsal thursday.
how many times did i just say 'rehersal'? too many? well, as Cassie has told us: "You practice a sport. You rehearse for a show."
so how much do i just adore my lunch table? sooo much. and i'm totally not being sarcastic. *subliminal shoutout to my lunch table girls* kayla, j.wach, bee, natalie!!! yea! you guys make eating that much more awesome.
so b/c i have no homework, i've decided to start writing my bio for SoM. this should be interesting. "Next to each play, write the year the play was performed, the place of performance, the name/role of your character, and the experiences you had during the course of the play (1-2 sentences each)" HA! if i do this, mine will be about 34 pages long. 34!!! So I'm just gonna write my own little thing. and i can't forget this:
"Thank you to Molly for teaching me how to hold a moonbeam in my hand."
(("Thanks to Q for teaching me that goatherds don't have to be lonely."))
smooches&hugs, takyram

->so i have to lose about 300lbs. by March 31 (maybe a little earlier for costume fittings...)
->i wish i could actually lose 300lbs. (or at least 30)
Not much to update... rehearsals for both shows are going well. We should get our scripts tomorrow for SoM, so I can start memorizing. (Psh. Yeah, right.) I missed Cinderella yesterday because I never got a schedule, so when I found out the time, I was about 2 hours late for rehearsal. Lol, they're gonna hate me at the BHUC. And I'll probably get kicked out of the show, and I'll be like "Whatever, I've got Sound of Music!" And then they'll be sad they got rid of me.
Lol, sorry. I kind of just woke up from a nap, and I'm a little drowsy. I have a French test tomorrow. me+french test=F-
no joke.
XD marykatherine
oh my flippin goodness. got home from DC yesterday night! it was so much fun and i got to miss 2 days of school. yay for pro-life people. i hate lunch. (<-look, it says lunch. not lunch table or anyone at lunch) and i got into sound of music and cinderella! so my life has officially ended, and the crazy rehearsal schedule has begun.
ttyl, MQ
p.s. i'm teen ensemble in cinderella (cuz i have to miss 2 shows for SoM) and i'm maria in the sound of music.
i know
so the place where i take voice was on fire like a month ago, and they still can't get their power back. so i haven't had a voice lesson in a month. that is just so perfect since i have two auditions this week. just so perfect.
but i got my social security card so maybe i'll get my license on wednesday!!!
DC ON FRIDAY! yay! i'm excited. (is it bad i'm more excited to be in DC because it's DC and not because of pro-life?) we leave friday and come back monday.
no school tomorrow!!!
saw memoirs of a geisha w/ kayla on friday. it was oober good.
xoxo, mkq
haven't updated in a while b/c my computer died. but by some miracle it works now!
midterms are all done now, thank goodness. i got a C+ on my french exam, which i'm really happy cuz i was convinced i would fail, but my mom isn't too happy. oh well!
auditions for Cinderella and Sound of Music are the same day and so are call backs. so that'll be oober fun... but i know i'll be teen ensemble in Cinderella, so does it really matter? can't i just tell cassie about my dilemma? i hope so. cheese & rice.
i better get my license sometime next week!
no school monday!
lyl, q
i'm 16!!! ahhh! i can't believe it! but it was the weirdest birthday ever. got an ipod nano, sweatpants, 2 cds and a movie, and maggie came over for a little while after school. so that was good. but then there was the REST of the day. couldn't get my license b/c my parents lost some stupid social security card that i need. i DID cry. wouldn't you? went to olive garden and they didn't sing to me, lol. and my dad got some crazy holiday log roll cake for my birthday cake. i couldn't believe my mom put my DAD in charge of the cake. it was outrageous. and now my sister and i can't figure out the ipod b/c i have the WORST computer ever. sooooooo sweet.
well, christmas break has finally started! 13 glorious school-free days!
i never said how Cinderella went! well, Valenti had his ACT so i was alone. but other than being alone, it was SO much fun! i sang like every 20 minutes and i had a pretty ball gown on. i took pictured w/ a bunch of little kids, it was so cute! now i want to be in Cinderella, but Sound of Music is at the same time, so i dunno what to do! oh, well.
luv, quinny
when will this week be over? i have SO much to do this week its not even funny. and OF COURSE my french video is due and i'm still learning the words. ugh, this is not cool. i have a western civ project that's stupid, every group is saying the same thing! what's the point? choir rehearsal tomorrow after school and i have to bake something/ make ribbons for friday. cheese and rice...
but i am excited for saturday! i hope it goes well. and i hope they can find a ball gown that fits me cuz i'm so fat. seriously. i had dance last night, and it was me, one other person and the teacher. lol, it was fun, though.
i better go learn the words to my french song...
<3 mq
How, you ask, have I seen Idina Menzel's ass four times when I've only seen RENT thrice? Well, after I went to RENT (x3) with Kayla, we heard the other theater was on "La Vie Boheme" so we slipped in and watched a little bit of it. But then our parents got there, and the fun was over.
IN OTHER NEWS... I'm Cinderella next Saturday for the promotion of Cinderella that the Beverly Hills University Club is putting on in March?!? Yea, I'm as surprised as you are. This guy called me at like 11 today and told me I was recommended for the job. LOL. Apparently, he was looking for people to be Cinderella and the Prince, so Cassie told him to call me and Valenti. Lol. So he was like "Yea, you'll sing some songs and be in a ball gown for a couple of hours." LOL. Crazy, right? But it'll be fun. Luckily I had voice today so we ran over the songs that I'll sing.
I have to do my whole French video (procrastination is not cool) and some stupid drawing for Religion. Church tomorrow and choir is singing at the Mother-Son Mass. great...
so mags made me a myspace: www.myspace.com/qberrymuffin so check it out if u wanna. its pretty good considering i didn't make it, lol. saw rent (2nd time) with maggie today! still awesome.

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